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Decco Industrial Solenoids

The best choice

ROSS DECCO Company has been a preferred manufacturer of solenoid coils since 1912. Today, ROSS DECCO solenoid coils continue to be used as pneumatic and hydraulic operators in industries such as:

  • Automotive
  • Chemical Mixing Equipment
  • Heat treating process
  • Machine Tools
  • Power Generation Equipment
  • Robotics assembly
  • Steel forming process
  • Steel making process

Industrial grade

ROSS DECCO solenoids are industrial grade, not appliance grade, and should be used when long service life, cooler operating temperatures and quiet, dependable operation is desired.


Only quality components and materials are selected resulting in solenoids that are efficient, dependable and a cost effective solution to your needs. All ROSS DECCO standard catalog coils are UL approved construction.

Standard or built to your specifications

The ROSS DECCO product line includes a wide variety of AC and DC solenoids ranging from very small pilot operators to very large specialty units. ROSS DECCO can work with your design staff to provide a solenoid to meet your needs.

If your next project requires a solenoid, and if quality and reliability are the driving forces in your choice, choose the best.....choose ROSS DECCO.


PDF ROSS DECCO General Brochure (PDF - 1.54MB)

PDF Decco Industrial Solenoid Catalog (PDF - 4.77MB)

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Industrial Solenoid Types

Laminated Solenoids

DC Tubular Solenoids

Pilot Operator Solenoids

Industrial DC Solenoids

Packaged AC Solenoids

Oil Immersed Solenoids

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ROSS DECCO Company | Made in the USA for more than 100 Years