Find Security in Locking Applications with Decco®

For the purposes of safety or security, the locking mechanisms found in industrial, municipal, or commercial locking applications are critical. These mechanisms must work properly or risk being breached, which is where Decco comes in. Our standard components and customizable Decco solenoids are capable, reliable, and can be engineered to lock securely and be opened remotely or locally. Whether you're looking for a replacement part for an existing locking application, or you need a custom product for a new project, Decco is here to help!

Our Experience in Locking Applications

ROSS Decco has over 100 years of experience in designing and manufacturing quality coils and solenoids for a variety of applications. Our reliable and long-lasting solenoids have a proven track record of providing safety and security in locking installations. View our standard components or reach out to our engineering team to design a custom solution to fit your exact specifications.

Control Cabinets

Used as a safety precaution in power and medicine cabinets, the controlled access and automated security provided by solenoid interlocks is essential. Several models of Decco solenoids are employed in locking mechanisms for control cabinets. Locking functions may be controlled locally or remotely depending on the application. The electromechanical actuation of the interlock created by the dependable Decco solenoid will keep people from accessing control cabinets for risk of exposure to active elements or from unlawfully taking the contents of the cabinet.

  • Electric Utilities
  • Pharmacies
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Building Access

Electromechanical actuators are ideal for integration in building access and automation systems. Several major manufacturers of security access doors and emergency escape hatches use Decco solenoids because their applications require high-quality solenoids with proven reliability and long service life.

  • Industrial Buildings
  • Commercial Installations
  • Home Security
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From railroad safety gates to parking access gates, our Decco solenoids function in various applications to ensure security and safety by performing reliably when access needs to be restricted. The dependability of our solenoids makes them ideal for automatic and manually operated gates, and our engineers can custom design the solution for your particular application.

  • Parking Structures
  • Railroad Crossings
  • Compound Access
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Garage Doors

Used in industrial and commercial garage doors, Decco solenoids work by actuating the movement of the door and safely securing it in the open position. Our solenoids are adaptable, reliable, long-lasting, and can operate automatically while ensuring safety with your garage doors.

  • Industrial Loading Docks
  • Home Garages
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Loading Docks

Loading dock safety devices utilize Decco solenoids to engage safety chocks and latch mechanisms to secure the placement of semi-trucks while they are in the process of loading and unloading. Decco products have demonstrated reliability through our extensive testing, making them an ideal fit for critical applications when safety is at stake.

  • Industrial Loading Docks
  • Commercial Loading Docks
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Remote Locks

Decco latching solenoids can be used in a wide variety of remote locking applications. With each press of a fob, the solenoid is cycled open-closed releasing or engaging the latch upon command. Decco Solenoids are the perfect actuation solution for remote locks, as they provide the reliable and fast response time required in remote locking. If you need a specific solenoid designed for your mobile remote locking device, our Decco engineering team will work with you to find and design the perfect solution.

  • Automotive
  • Garage Doors
  • Smart Home Technology
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Let Decco Customize a Solution for Your Locking Application Needs

Ensure safety and security with the right Decco product for your application. If you can’t find the exact product you need among our inventory, give us a call! Our team of experienced engineers can custom-design a solution to your exact specifications. Reach out and let us know how we can help you or fill out our product request form online!

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