Decco® Switching Turns on the Possibilities

ROSS Decco engineers have a broad knowledge and experienced background in switching applications that utilize solenoids. We want to help you turn on the possibilities by providing safe, reliable products to assist in your switching applications. Let us find the best option for your needs or create a custom solution to fit your specifications!

Our Experience in Switching Applications

ROSS Decco works with a variety of companies to keep their automated switchgear safe efficient. Our solenoid products can be found in S&C Electric Company switchgear, Thomas & Betts, GE Smart Grid Systems, and many other switching applications. For a safe solenoid solution you can trust, explore our ROSS Decco solenoids. We would be happy to work with you to customize a product for your application.

Reliable Recloser Solutions by Decco

Our Decco solenoids will ensure that your reclosers are working properly so you never lose power. Keep your systems efficient with our reliable laminated solenoids. We can even work with you to develop a magnetic latching solenoid for your switching application, ensuring that your recloser stays in the same state regardless of power. We are happy to provide solenoid solutions for a variety of switching applications, including Smart Grid Technology, circuit breakers, power generation, and more!

  • Smart Grid Technology
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Power Generation
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Bus Switches

Keeping technicians safe is important! Our Decco solenoids can be used to provide controlled access and automated security to your bus switch panels. Use our solenoids wherever power needs to be controlled, like power generation equipment or automated interlocks. Or allow us to work with you to personalize a specific product!

  • Power Generation Equipment
  • Automated Interlocks
  • Power Distribution Equipment
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Remote Actuated Locking Equipment

Whether you’re looking for remote actuated locking equipment for an automatic door lock or another type of locking solution, ROSS Decco solenoids are exactly what you need. Let us help you choose the right option for you, or develop a product specific to your remote locking needs.

  • Automatic Door Locks
  • Automated Switching Equipment
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Indoor and Outdoor Switchgear

No matter your switchgear needs, we have a Decco solenoid that will keep electricians safe indoors and outdoors. Our products are great for metal enclosures or box frame enclosures, and they provide reliable action for any application ranging from low to high voltage.

  • Power Generation
  • Power Distribution
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Energy Storage Systems

ROSS Decco is proud to provide solenoid solutions for clean energy applications including solar panels! Our products are safe and reliable, and offer a cost-effective solution for your energy storage systems. Let us assist you in finding the correct option, or designing a custom product for your application! We are happy to offer solutions for solar energy applications, Smart Grid Technology, traditional energy storage, and more!

  • Solar Energy
  • Smart Grid Technology
  • Traditional Energy Storage
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Take a look at our extensive inventory of laminated solenoids to use for your transformer needs. You can count on Decco to provide safe solutions, reliable products, and customized options to match any switching application needs that may come your way.

  • Power Distribution
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Let Decco Customize a Solenoid Solution for Your Switching Application

Our state-of-the-art products are meant to meet the specific needs of a variety of industries and applications. They can withstand a multitude of demanding work environments and we can design and build products that will meet your exact needs. Let us help you find or customize a solenoid for your switching application.

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