ROSS DECCO® Supports the Fluid Power Industry Around the World

ROSS DECCO supplies pilot valves and direct acting solenoids to the Fluid Power Industry for many pneumatic and hydraulic valve applications. DECCO's laminated, air package and oil immersed solenoids have been used on valve assemblies for decades, demonstrating superior performance and longevity. DECCO solenoids are industrial grade and built to last!

Pneumatic Valves Solutions

DECCO pilot valves and solenoid valve operators offer dependable economical alternatives in applications requiring pneumatically piloted actuators. We supply to major original equipment manufacturers and distributors, who all believe in our high-quality products and services.

  • O Series Solenoids
  • Teen Series Solenoids
  • 50 Series Solenoids
  • Pilot Valves
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Hydraulic Valve Solutions

DECCO oil immersed and air package solenoids are designed specifically for the hydraulic valve industry. Oil immersed solenoids are laminated solenoids enclosed in a case filled with light machine oil. The solenoid is protected from the environment and the oil dissipates heat increasing longevity. ROSS DECCO products are reliable, long-lasting, and used with confidence by major original equipment manufacturers.

  • 20 Series Laminated Solenoids
  • 17 Series Air Packaged Solenoids
  • 18 Series Air Packaged Solenoids
  • 17 Series Oil Immersed Solenoids
  • 18 Series Oil Immersed Solenoids
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Water Valves

DECCO pilot valves control water flow in irrigation systems for commercial farming and agriculture, greenhouses, and residential sprinkler systems. These DECCO pilot valves have nylon cartridges that are long lasting, reliable and cost-effective.

  • O Series Laminated Solenoids
  • Teen Series Laminated Solenoids
  • 20 Series Laminated Solenoids
  • 50 Series Laminated Solenoids
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Pinch Valves

DECCO tubular solenoids and coils are integrated into pinch valves commonly used to control the flow of liquids or gases by opening and closing the transport tube. DECCO pinch valve solenoids can be constructed from corrosion resistance materials engineered to withstand harsh environments.

  • DC Tubular Solenoids
  • Teen Series Laminated Solenoid
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Let ROSS DECCO Customize A Solution for Your Fluid Power System Needs

Even with our vast selection of solenoids and products, sometimes you’ll find yourself in need of a solution that is customized to your exact specifications. At ROSS DECCO our experienced team of engineers can provide a unique solution that is designed to your requirements. Give us a call and let us know how we can help you or fill out our product request form online!

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