ROSS DECCO® Products in the Packaging Industry

ROSS DECCO® offers laminated, oil immersed and air package solenoids for the most challenging packaging applications. DECCO® solenoids are utilized in many areas of the industry including vacuum packaging, core cutters, tape dispenser, blow molding, and thermoforming. If you require more than a standard product, have our experienced team of engineers design a custom solution based on your system requirements.

Automatic Tape Dispenser

ROSS DECCO® solenoids are utilized in shearing functions in automated tape dispenser applications. DECCO® solenoids are designed with field replaceable coils, simplifying repairs and minimizing down time. DECCO® solenoids are carefully engineered and thoroughly time tested for top efficiency, long service life and dependability under every condition.

  • Teen Series Laminated Solenoids
  • 20 Series Laminated Solenoids
  • 50 Series Laminated Solenoids

Automated Dispensing & Sealing

ROSS DECCO® solenoids can be used in dispensing and sealing functions in packaging equipment. Automated dispensing of food, beverage or parts can be quietly and efficiently managed with a DECCO® solenoid. Special mounting, corrosion resistant coatings, springs and push pins can be added to our standard solenoids creating your customized solution. You can count on us to provide a reliable solenoid for your dispensing equipment.

  • Teen Series Laminated Solenoids
  • 17 Series Air Packaged Solenoids
  • 18 Series Air Packaged Solenoids

Stamping Solutions

ROSS DECCO® can offer reliable solenoids for your package stamping applications. Each DECCO® solenoid is individually inspected and tested at all critical stages of manufacture to ensure quality and optimum performance. Our solenoids offer excellent performance in metal stamping, label imprinting, or packaging perforation applications. At ROSS DECCO® we are happy to offer solenoids that can be customized to your specific application requirements.

  • Teen Series Industrial Solenoids
  • 17 Series Air Packaged Solenoids
  • 18 Series Air Packaged Solenoids

Let ROSS DECCO® Customize a Solution for Your Packaging Application

If you have additional questions on a product or require a custom solution for your application, please give us a call. We're proud to offer a series of reliable laminated and packaged solenoids for your packaging equipment that can improve efficiency and lower total cost of ownership. Send us your project specifications and let us help you find the best solution for your application.

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