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Decco Products

Decco offers a full product line of laminated, tubular, molded laminated, oil immersed and air packaged solenoids for industrial applications. Solenoid types include horizontal or vertical mounts, push or pull action, with continuous or intermittent duty, in a variety of voltage options.

Decco Custom Solutions

At ROSS Decco, we know the products we manufacture serve a wide range of applications and industries, and that means customization is sometimes necessary. It's our goal to help our clients reduce risk, meet safety standards, and increase uptime with our products. If you cannot find a product that precisely fits your specifications, please don't hesitate to request a solution. We'll work with you to customize a solution for your specific application!

Decco Applications

Decco solenoids are designed for industrial applications including power generation, building automation system, and fluid drains, actuation, tape dispensing, core cutter, and metal shearing, recloser, remote locking equipment, and transformer switching, building access, control cabinet, and remote lock locking, commercial appliance, metal processing, and process control valve controls, mixing, analytical instrumentation, and wastewater treatment system metering, warehouse, mining operation, and grocery store conveying.