Decco® Measures Up to Your Expectations in Metering Applications

Decco solenoids and pilot valve operators can be used in metering control systems for regulating the flow and quantity of fluids to mix, synthesize, and package liquids. From medicines to popular beverages, solenoids are the perfect actuator for valve technologies because they are reliable, effective, experience minimal wear, and seldom need replacement, which will keep your repair costs low. If necessary, our experienced engineers will custom engineered a solution to fit your needs and achieve the guaranteed best outcome.

Our Experience in Metering Applications

At ROSS Decco, we’ve been designing and manufacturing solenoids and coils for over 100 years and have developed a reputation for reliability. We’ve supplied a number of industries and applications, and our products have proven to be the reliable and precise solution that industry leaders depend on for their metering needs. Browse our standard components to find the right solution for you or reach out to our experienced engineering team who can design the custom solenoid installation to meet your exact specifications.

Beverage Packaging

Part of a larger beverage dispensing and bottling system, the pilot valves control the flow and quantity of pressurized syrups, ingredients, and carbonated water that is mixed together to create the intended beverage. These pilot valves run automatically when engaged remotely and can be custom engineered to fit your system requirements. Decco components are the ideal solution for these systems as they're reliable and require low-maintenance, which equals less downtime in your production!

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Medicine Dispensing

Our Decco solenoids can be installed to ensure precise fluid control for mixing, synthesizing, and packaging different medicines. The solenoid control valves deliver reliable results, so you can ultimately ensure the end users health and safety. If you need assistance finding a solution fit to your production goals or requirements, our team of engineers would be happy to help create a customized solution!

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Chemical Mixing

Decco solenoid and pilot valve operators can effectively regulate the flow and quantity of fluid in chemical mixing applications. Because this industry comes with many risks, reliable components are necessary to protect employees and incidents. Our standard components provide reliability, minimal maintenance, and a long service life.

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Solution Mixing

Similar to the metering control of medicines, Decco solenoids are used to ensure the precise quantities of different fluid elements that are then combined in the system to create a new solution. Our solenoids are reliable, efficient, won’t wear down easily, making them the perfect application to meet your needs. We can also retrofit or custom design solenoids to fit into any existing system if need be.

  • Beverages
  • Alcohol
  • Medical Fluids
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Analytical Instrumentation

Pilot valves designed to control the flow and volume of liquids including air gas, oil, and steam are used in various types of analytical instrumentation. Decco components are among the most reliable solutions for these applications as they provide minimal maintenance, dependability, and precise metering where it matters. It's our goal to meet your production goals and system requirements, so let us know if you need a custom solution!

  • Forensics
  • Food and Beverage Analysis
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemistry
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Water/Wastewater Treatment Systems

The process of removing contaminants from water requires physical and chemical processes, Decco solenoid valves are used to release quantities of chemicals designed to clean the wastewater. At Decco, our reliable, industry tested solutions can be designed or retrofitted to work existing or future installations.

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Let Decco Customize a Solution for Your Metering Application Needs

With metering control applications, precision is crucial and the solenoid in your system needs to work perfectly to ensure success. If you’re unable to find the right solenoid for your specifications, we encourage you to reach out to our team. Our experienced engineers will work with you to design the perfect solution to function with absolute reliability in your system. Fill out our product request form online or give us a call and let us know how we can help you!

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